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    Operation CWAL Cast List

    Short Version - Long Version - Wheel of CWAL

    Aleph *E* *Fe* *S* *T*: Extradimensional twin of ßetaMantis, supposedly hailing from Inferno, the world in which Diablo had won the Sin War. Lieutenant in Black Operations and trainer of her duplicate. Her history with COTS is unknown - or at least unreleased. She has some sort of partial mutation as opposed to the near total that her "twin sister" had, granting her strength, regeneration and agility of the insectoid form inwardly, but still human form outwardly. She typically fights with her father's two levels, one metallic and four feet, the other a white plastic and two feet. Both are known to be heavily reinforced by duranium. The longer has ice-picks of a like material on both ends. Any other "options" in either weapon have yet to be seen. She seems arrogant normally and claims it is confidence. She is also blunt and tactless on purpose. She is both extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Not even all of the COTS Command Cell know of her existence, but she is known to report to Whyte and TheDeamon - who in turn probably report to Magni eventually. (Last updated: 2001/10/11)

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