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    Operation CWAL Cast List

    Short Version - Long Version - Wheel of CWAL

    Chause *S* *W*: Chause came to CWAL in the last days of the Great Holy War to do some work with the ASG. Having since left the ASG and CWAL temporarily, he came back half human and half Barbarian. No one knows what happened to him or what he did during the days of his absence. He has above average fighting abilities and fights with an advanced Barbarian mace, and a sword in his other human hand. Chause likes to fight, but holds back until his services are needed. He does have a major setback; the human side of him is much weaker than the Barbarian side, and often he strains his muscles and they can hurt for days at a time. He spends his days at CWAL HQ talking to the guys and his nights partying, drinking, and sleeping from the early ours of morning until daylight. He feels that he is “the newbie with a cause.”

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