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    Operation CWAL Cast List

    Short Version - Long Version - Wheel of CWAL

    Allied Organizations

    CWAL [Operation Can't Wait Any Longer]
    CWAL HV [Hunt Valley]
    Independant Goods
    NP [Newbie Patrol]

    Neutral Organizations

    COTS [Circle Of The Shadows]
    Independant Neutrals
    Zerg Canadians


    Blizzard Entertainment
    Independant Evils
    OEEP/KC [Organization for the Enslavement of Earth's People/Killing CWAL]

    Memorably Departed

    List of those who have died...
    List of those who have left...


    A: Alien
    Ar: Artist
    C: Cannon Fodder
    E: Extra Character (not based on any community member)
    F: Founder (Leader)
    Fe: Female
    P: Protoss
    S: Uses Special Weapon(s)
    T: Terran
    W: Writer
    Z: Zerg
    ?: Other (None of the above)

    [Note : DC was going to have an *I* for Insane, but since that applies to everybody, it's just a given. And he's so right. :)]

    Allied Groups

    Operation CWAL

    Aeon *S* *W* *?*: ?*A banished alien warlord from another dimension, Aeon is a being of pure energy who inhabits a physical body (called an avatar) made out of liquid metal. This gives him the power to shape-shift into anything of equal size or mass provided it doesn't contain chemicals or complex moving parts, as well as form weapons out of his hands. He is currently trapped in this dimension and in this body and is obsessed with finding a way to return home and restore his power. Screams 'Quebensnurf!' when charging into battle and, while fighting, will occasionally slip into a violent killing frenzy. He currently works for Phasmus, along with fellow polymorph, Captain Hat.

    Archangel *S* *T* *W*: Archangel is a modified Terran Ghost. Wings were implanted to his back by the UED as an experimental soldier, which failed. No one knows how he got into CWAL... he just appeared there in the past and has been with them ever since. When in battle, his weapons of choice are his modified coin-shooting C-10 canister rifle and Lockinver (his gigantic sword from Joe's Sword Shop). He gets really hyped up when battle music soundtracks is played, and loves Mountain Dew... and Sprite... but no one knows that. Is currently in search for a reason of existence.

    Arcturus *S* *T* *W*: Arcturus is one of the veterans of CWAL, having been a member since only a few weeks after its inception. His weapon of choice is his paintball gun, Floyd, and the wide variety of paintballs he has at his disposal (explosive paintballs being his favorite). Arcturus is also a master of stealth, and can be totally unseen when he needs to. He is also probably the only CWALer to wake up before noon on a regular basis (he never fails to arise at 5:00 AM).

    Arcturus is an anime girl in the AGFWD continuity.

    Auspex Turmalis *P* *W*: A Protoss templar that has a lot of experience being trapped in things. First in a painting, then in the Blizzard network, and now in a Speak-N-Spell in CWAL HQ. There has also been a hint of some earlier incident involving a Playtoss magazine, but Auspex refuses to speak of it.

    Bee *?*: Formerly Beeblebrox, Bee still has one woodchuck follower. He is now a giant bee with woodchuck arms and a foot long stinger. Can still chuck wood, but now he looks like a total freak. He speakzzzzzz with a buzzzzz like thizzzzz.

    Captain Hat *S* *W* *?*: Fleet Captain Adfarackus Hat of the Imperial Hat Navy is a psychotic polymorph Hat (generally shaped like a hat, only about 2 feet tall, everything he uses is in some way "hatterised") who uses special weapons according to the form he takes (Slayer Hat uses whips and stakes, Gangster Hat uses a Trilby-gun) and talks in a generally incomprehensible dialect of Monty-Python-style English (with an English accent). Has an apparently infinite supply of weapons and ammunition (since they are morphed extensions of himself), and feeds by simply absorbing matter- of any kind. Is currently employed by Phasmus as a general hitman/guy who blows stuff up, and is semi-cannon fodder in that he's very difficult to kill: A bullet will pass right through without hurting him, but a phaser will burn him. "Wait a moment! You're not Miss Jackson!"

    Commander Snuggles *?*: This brave and nearly suicidal rabbit leads the CWAL rabbit army. Is claustrophobic.

    DarthNinny *A* *Ar* *C* *E* *F* *Fe* *P* *S* *T* *W* *Z* *?*: Wears the traditional Sith robes: all black. Wields a lightsaber and waffle. Is deadly with the waffle. Is poor at using the Force. His mind tricks never really work out. Likes to be silly. Thinks that violence is neat. Does not like the NP. Likes to act more cynical then he really is. Doesn't know his age or where he is from. Was taught by the Sith Lords but left out of boredom. Enjoys killing things. Isn't really evil, just likes to pretend to be. Has an alter ego that takes over from time to time. The alter ego is named Master Tuff, who happens to be a Jedi knight and is, ironically, DarthNinny's mortal enemy. The sides often fight. DarthNinny once tried to kill Master Tuff, then realized they are the same being. Now just punches himself often. Founder of Ninny's Caped Crusaders, a sort-of-but-not-really splinter group that wears towels around their necks and does stuff. Not anything in particular, just stuff.

    Debris *C* *E* *S* *T*: Though he is cannon fodder, he always still does well in battle, sometimes even killing many soldiers without dying at all. Even more surprising is that he does this by fighting with spoons. Also has the ability to do strange and sometimes impossible things, but almost always gets him killed doing it. Also always acts strange around kitchen utensils, talking to spoons and warning people about things like "deadly butter knives". Also has a deep hatred of chairs. "SPOON!"

    Duraznos *W* *?*: The last sensible member of an ancient and clandestine society of magic users that control the flow of good and evil on the Earth. (The Guardians of the Light and Dark Essences) Trained in unarmed combat, but prefers to use his nifty powers. Can hover above the ground, teleport limited distances, shoots moderately powerful 'force bolts' from his hands and has a neat magical 'energy shield.' Runs out of energy (mana) quickly, though. However, when he is at full energy, he can transform into his Essence Form, a very, VERY big animal (about the size of an elephant) with teeth and claws, but must wait until he is a full power again to change back (about 2 hours).

    Enigma *W* *?*: Originally created by Blizzard to combat Microsoft, he fell on his head and forgot everything. Thanks to Blizzard he is immune to morons, an ability given through a useless logic stasis field. He is a little uninformed about the world around him.

    Exile *Fe* *S* *W*: He went from being one badass Dark Templar Assassin (with a penchant for the bottle) to being one not-so-badass Anime Girl (still drinking, though not as much.) Even though his body is now that of a 19-year-old Anime Girl, Exile is still the cold hearted bastard drunken Assassin underneath, though that side of him has to learn to deal with his femenine side, his newly earned maternal instincts (?!), and the fact that any males left over now hit on Was last sighted wearing a pink-ish kimono and carrying a katana.

    Faith *Fe* *?*: ?*Discovered by Stavesacre during an encounter with Friendly:) Faith is Friendly:)'s aura. However is completely opposite of her Master, being extremely feminine and opposed to all violence, and is a vegetarian. Friendly:) has somehow managed to keep his acts of evil a secret from her because she would get on to him about , "Not playing nice."
    Is currently seeing Stavesacre on regular basis.

    Fearless *Fe* *S* *T*: Genetically engineered from the DNA of history's greatest leaders by the CIA in 1943 to kill Hitler, he was frozen in ice for 55 years. Now he's back to fight Blizzard. If his eyes are exposed to sunlight he will be permanently blinded (wears shades). Carries a particle accelerator and an automatic shotgun.

    Friendly_) *Fe* *S* *T* *?*: A demon who is obsessed with sodomy and ROMAN STYLE. Often hangs around CWAL HQ and has a knack for alienating people with a single phrase ("ROMAN STYLE!") and being extremely obnoxious when he wants to.

    Frito *Fe* *S* *W* *?*: Frito is a entity made out of pure psi-energy. He has a physical body made from nanogoo that he has programmed with three basic forms; human mode, battle mode, and ship mode. In human mode he is an ugly man wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses. He also uses a wooden stick called the Kill-a-ma-jig as a weapon. In battle mode he looks like a small Mech. He is know for severe mood swings.

    Fron *Fe* *S* *T* *W*: Enjoys fighting with a .44 in one hand and an electric cattle prod in the other. Sometimes zaps Arcturus instead of Blizzard employees (although Arcturus retaliates. They aren't very good friends). Also uses the art of Ni to some extent. Loves to drive, but is very bad at it, partly because he mistakes miles per hour on the speedometer for kilometers per hour. Is Emperor of the Canadian Dominion. Was tranformed into an anime girl, but got better.

    Fuji *S* *W*: Formerly a Spartan soldier who loved Greek art and died in the Battle of Thermopylae. 2400 years later he was ressurected by Lothos and Mu in a failed experiment. He is now a vampire who tries to learn arcane arts from Lothos for some weird, sick reason. Fuji looks up to Lothos and almost sees him as a god, and he will defend Lothos in any circumstances.

    GAVAL *S* *T* *W*: A Slayer-Cajun of the Ambiguous Slayers' Guild, GAVAL is extremely paranoid of all that is "not good." GAVAL spends his days trying to live a normal life as a member of Operation CWAL and his nights vanquishing evil. GAVAL lost his Rush powers along with Cabbott on Halloween night of 2000 when he and his friends lost a fight with a mysterious Specter that severs Slayers of their powers. After living life as a student under his birth name, Ted Benoit, tragedy forced GAVAL to make an ill-conceived pact with Nighteye to restore his powers at the cost of his conscience. The outcome of this pact is yet to be revealed. His shortcomings: Charging into a conflict with undead or even live evil just because he hates undead, prematurely accusing people of being evil, and arachnophobia. GAVAL is often described as behaving like the Tick and looking like Indiana Jones. The Slayer-Cajun fights with a silver gavel, oak stakes, and a bullwhip. He also carries a backpack full of other little "slayer tricks." Having coined the phrase "EVAAAAL!", 26-year-old GAVAL wears a black leather waistcoat and a brown felt fedora hat.

    Glitterspike *T*: Has a knack for computers and has good aim with most guns, but is otherwise a little slow on the pickup.

    Gluegun *S* *T*: Ex-vice president of Sticky Stuff, Inc., a glue company that was taken over by the Borg-like Elmer's Glue. Hates Elmer's Glue and is trying to get back at them with the help of Liz, his Zerg Queen sidekick. Uses a gluegun rifle, glue grenades, tape grenades, just about any other cool sticky stuff. "Well isn't THIS is a sticky situation…"

    Grorx *A* *S* *W*: (Full name: Grorximewithican Yerthwate) After his physical body was destroyed, Grorx's mind was placed into an android version of himself that is stronger and faster than his original "Watcher" body. This android body can project around it the image of anything, living or otherwise, to give Grorx that appearance. Has a severe fear of Jell-O. Can do most technical tasks fairly well, and can pilot most alien ships. His special weapon is a colander (refered to as the Colander of Doom) that, when thrown, becomes razor sharp. It also has many buttons that perform different functions (BE CREATIVE). Plus, when Grorx puts the CoD on his head, the thinks he is invisible (though he really isn't). Pilots his own Corsair, called the CIGMOC (Stands for: Cool! I got my own Corsair!). Enjoys fooling with Lothos's TV. Currently hanging around the Starbucks, waiting to go on missions. Makes great frappuchino.

    Gunslinger *S* *T* *W*: An engineer with a knack for computers. Prefers to use a Nerf air-powered dart gun to its maximum efficiency (basically none), with good aim. Uses the word "pants" a lot.

    Intruder *S* *T* *W*: Dead as a doornail. Choked on a fishbone (hello irony!)

    His corpse was promptly stuffed with fire retardant foam and tossed into a kingergarten classroom for laughs

    Iolaus *F* *T* *W*: Leader of CWAL. Usually stays behind the battle while the CWALers fight. Is good at motivational speaking as well as debating. Not exactly what or who he seems to be...

    Jolt *C* *T*: The original cannon fodder. Completely normal 18 year old guy. A little temperamental, but he _does_ get killed a lot by his fellow peers for no reason. Hates coffee. Be creative when killing him. Jolt has now turned into Shock, in the independant evil section.

    Karim *S* *T* *W* *?*: Former employee for Jack in the Box (Well, he was one of those little ball head thingies). He entered CWAL by accident, in other words, all he was trying to do was escape the attack by Jack in the Box and Blizzard on CARV HQ. He has discovered that he has another self (Bad Blood Series), and that he is some evil dude who is trying to make Karim jusssst perfect, and by doing this, Karim is experiencing great pain. He also is constantly playing Brood War and joining those "7v1 Compz Experts Only Manner Game" games. Pez first saw this, and when he did, he made fun of Karim for "sucking," he later found out that Karim backstabbed his allies. "K? What kinda freak would have his name start with a K!? A.. aah! Don't hurt me, Karim!"

    Liz *E* *F* *Z*: A Zerg queen, and Gluegun's best friend. He just thinks that she's the cutest widdle thing that ever flew over this planet. Liz always seems to be getting into trouble (for example, she often tries to infest the Starbucks), and is also insanely curious. She only listens to Gluegun (who denies that Liz can do anything wrong - he blames someone else). Slightly smaller than most queens, Liz has all of the normal queen abilities, although she has difficulty casting broodling sometimes. She attacks with Glaive Wurm, has a very low amount of mana (only enough for one major spell at a time), and soon, as she gains experience, she will be able to cast more than one spell in a given setting. She will also learn to talk in more than grunts, growls, and other Zerg stuff.

    Lothos *S* *T* *W*: A tall miscreant from New Zealand. Resembles a Sasquatch as regards being tall, having long hair, and being in a perpetual state of scruffy, unshaven glory. Addicted to TV, and a film buff. This leads to problems when he loses his grip on reality once again and defaults back to television. SERIOUS impulse control problem. Reacts BADLY to caffeine of any form, and can usually be found linked to forms of public mayhem. Likes fires, for example. And axes. Has a DeathKnight staff, complete with powers, which are often used in new and unintended ways, and thus backfire. Has some Ogre-Mage abilities, (God knows how) but they backfire more than you'd expect due to their newness. Easily distracted. Warped sense of humour. Doesn't get on well with Frugle AT ALL. At heart, basically a decent human being. Albeit one with a significantly higher propensity for absent-minded mayhem than normal.

    MAGGOTT *S* *W* *?*: Almost a god (with an ego the size of one), he possesses lots of powers like controlling fungus and being able demand surrender from inanimate objects. Loves using Maggottonian weapons, most of which are the size of the state of California, and could destroy the entire universe. Being invincible, he has no regard for the safety of anyone or anything, and has to be constantly reminded that blowing up the world and everyone on it would not be a good idea. Recently elected Emperor of CWAL. As he is Emperor of the Maggottonian Empire, you don't want to piss him off. (When he dies he strangely walks out of the bathroom alive.)

    Mana *T* *W*: Class A Bastard.

    Mars Ultor *S* *T*: A classic medieval knight, complete with black enamelled full plate armour and a six-foot broadsword, which he swings around like a chopstick. Speaks archaic English (note that that was not bad archaic English), and tends to lose himself before he gets to the end of the sentence. Is understood in full only by Mu and Lothos. Has no sense of self-preservation, which his armour goes a long way toward making up for. Is fixated by any sport which is traditionally English (cricket, football (soccer), golf, tennis, fox hunting, rugby, etc) and is drawn toward any opportunity to watch/play any of them. When he is not saving the world with CWAL, he is a pizza delivery boy.

    McGravin *S* *T*: Commonly called "Mac", "Mackey", or "Squid" (don't ask about the last one). VALVe Software made a game based on his adventures called "Half-Life". Wears his HEV suit all the time. Sleeps in a hammock in the corner of CWAL HQ, although he cannot get out without falling. Carries most of the weapons VALVe put into Half-Life, except the Gluon gun and the Hornet symbiot. His favorite is the Tau Gun. McGravin has cleptomaniac tendencies, as he will snatch any unclaimed weapon if noone is looking, causing his arsenal to slowly build (or build by great leaps and bounds whenever Maggott leaves his storage closet unlocked at night).

    Mid_Night *S* *T*: Smoking Pyromaniac. Basic fighter, prefers to burn things than fight though. Even if he usually burns himself more than anything else. Can get just about anything to burn or explode. He is rarely able to use fire as a weapon though, especially since he has been banned from using anything more powerfull than a Lighter.

    Moogle *S* *?*: Cat with wings that makes coffee and also attacks by dancing, which causes "things" to happen. Same dances and powers as in the Final Fantasy games. Chases Squeeky around a lot, being a cat.

    Morpher X2 *S* *T* *W*: Real Name: Unknown, he can't remember. Morpher X2 is yet another failed weapon created to destroy CWAL. Once an innocent teenager, he had his memory wiped by Blizzard, and he was given the ability to shape-shift into Starcraft units and into anything he's seen. However, he currently can't control that ability, with the result that he shape-shifts every time he's sleeps or is knocked unconscious. He can choose a form and stay in it for up to four hours, but after he stops trying to stay in that form, he spends twice the amount of time he held that form for randomly shapeshifting. He tends to be extremely sarcastic and likes a good insult war.

    Mu *T* *W*: Nickname: Semper. Extremely polite, Mu is one of the few CWALers who never gets toasted by Dragoneyes. He is also able to serve as a medic to the CWALers. A bit too trusting of enemies, however. Also, slang and cliches are lost on him. Has an evil twin named Numquam. Current CWAL medic. Mu was raised by highly intelligent cows, and since he was taught to speak with a dictionary and a thesaurus, his sentences are often so long and his words often so extraneous that no one can understand what he's saying (except Lothos, for some odd reason).

    Mutant Zergling *C* *Z*: A zergling that ate Tassadar to get even with Blizzard for making him a zergling. He was born on Earth and has an extremely fast regeneration rate, which is good since he is also very wimpy. Can cast psi-storm by saying Do'h! Can cast deadly hallucination (1/6 as strong as what's hallucinated) by chirping. Gets picked on a lot. Currently buried under layers and layers of concrete, garbage, packed earth, and whatever else people could find after he was "killed." (Actually, just ripped apart and covered in third degree burns.)

    Ni *C* *T*: Cannon fodder, mainly because whenever someone says his name, he gets hurt. Say his name too much or too loudly and he explodes. Refers to himself in the third person.

    Noid *E* *T*: Almost Paranoid CWALer's opposite, Noid is naive and optimistic. However, he is what CWAL likes to call "anti-fodder." He almost dies, but... Or: He woulda died, but... This is the only way in which he is lucky. He has no superpowers. This lifesaving ability cannot be actively used ("Send Noid. He can't die!"), but can be noticed passively. ("What the hell. Send Noid. He'll survive. He always does.")

    Omnicron *S* *W* *?*: Omnicron is a vampire, with all associated traits except a stake thru heart only paralyzes him. He has the ability to be completely invisible when in the shadows, He can also mimic the form of people he's met. He can dull or enhance the emotions his target is feeling. Carries a machine gun, throwing daggers, a butterfly sword, and a dishtowel that can open a portal to the dimension called the Flipsyde. He is attracted to chaos, has a quick wit and survival instincts to match. A great deal of curiosity, and doesn't hold grudges easily. When placed under too much stress, he goes into fugue (in which state he will remove the cause of the stress, often ducttaping it to a nearby surface before he awakes). He's 5'11", 185 lbs, bright green eyes, black hair, black trenchcoat, black corduroys, a maui shirt, white tennis shoes, and a pair of Ray-Bans sunglasses which keep him alive in sun (a gift from the Flipsyde). Member of Ninny's Caped Crusaders.

    Paranoid CWALer *E* *T*: Basically thinks everything is a conspiracy. Has watched X-Files a bit too much.

    Patriot *S* *W* *?*: Created by Phasmus, Patriot is a robot in the form of a silver skeleton. He is capable of changing into nearly any skeletal form, real or imagined. Designed to be Phasmus' right hand man and diplomatic liason in ...inconvenient situations. As he matures mentally he will discover that Phasmus has given much more than the ability to change shape. He is commonly seen wearing duct tapes robes and cowl.

    Pez *W* *?*: Pez is the cliché zany inventor whose inventions don't always work. He is responsible for the amazing techno-van, the pez-dispenser spy cameras, and the awe-inspiring yoda head. However, like most of his inventions, none of these currently exist anymore, mainly because Pez's inventions are known for often blowing up.

    Phasmus *W* *?*: Phasmus is made of the powerful adhesive substance Xel'Naga Duct Tape. Given the form of a duct tape mummy, he is in fact an artificial undead being. The profit-mad TapeFiend is the owner of Phasmus & Co, an expansionist corporate horde of his own undead duct tape minions. He has declared himself Mayor-for-unlife of Irvine California. "All opposition will be liquidated."

    Poing *Fe* *T* *W* *?*: Poing is a robot, shaped like a little anime girl. She is approx 2" tall, with scarlet hair and enormous eyes that are actually TVs. She can talk to machinery with noises that sound like a modem squeal, and 'persuade' them to cooperate with her. Often her eyes will display what she is thinking about, and if she concentrates, she can project a 3D image onto a flat surface, or directly into someone's eyes.

    She beleives that Pooky is her mother, and will not tollerate any damage or threat to her. She trusts those that she perceives to be nice to Pooky. She responds well to treats such as small lithium batteries or pure metal fragments which she uses for self-repair.

    Her memory matrices are scrambled at the moment and all she knows is that she has been running from some men in lab coats for some time. Lothos named her, because she didn't have a name when she got to HQ.

    Poing sleeps under the TV. While she looks about 2 (exagerated, chibi-like proportions) her behavior is more consistant with that of a shy 10-12 y/o human child.

    Pookie *E* *Fe* *?*: Pookie is CWAL's television set, and is thus monopolized by Lothos. It's not an exaggeration that he loves Pookie above every other living thing in existence. Pookie has a crush on the Box o' Newbies.

    Prysym *S* *T*: An insane Scotsman who changes into different personalities every time he drinks caffeine. These include a man-eating cabbage, a guru, and his normal form, a Scotsman. "Ach lad. Are ye mad? Eye doon't care what it can do, I jest care what I'm gonna MAKE it do!"

    Purple Monkey Dishwasher *S* *?*: A genetically engineered monkey designed for stealth assassination. Left for dead, his mind implant corroded and he became self-aware. As any sentient life would, he went after Starcraft. Bribed to come to the dark side by the SC beta, he left when Blizzard sent him on a suicide mission to retrieve a Brood War unit. (Specifically the Dark Archon.) He came back to CWAL due to the help of Sehrafin, a Valkyrie pilot. He wields an assassin's stealth gun and a high tolerance suit of armor with translucent properties.

    Rask II *E* *Fe* *?*: This is the female computer that runs all the CWAL base operations. Occasionally gets an attitude. Rask II is the replacement for the original Rask, who was destroyed in a Blizzard attack.

    Razael *Fe* *S* *T* *W*: As a result of an unfortunate encounter with what resembled glowing mutagenic Mountain Dew, Razael became the second of many people in CWAL prime to be transformed into an anime girl. She is coping rather well with the events and has actually experienced an improvement in overall mood. Let's face it, though; deep in her heart, she's still a gun-toting psychopath. Razael is currently employed as both Phasmus' public relations liaison and an anchor on Action News.

    Senf *S* *T*: Uses explosive Jello (of all flavors and colors) to attack. His arm is also made out of Jello because of a freaky resurrection procedure.

    Seraph *S* *W* *?*: Medium-sized angelic creature that has wings poking out of his trenchcoat. Always uses a MP40 submachine gun, even though he has the ability to shoot energy from his hands in the form of fire, ice, healing power, etc. However, he disbelieves he has these powers or even has wings. Anyone who tells him he does he thinks is crazy. He only uses them subconciously. Recently skipped out of CARV and rejoined CWAL so he could continue his life's work, namely, pissing in CWAL's coffee supply.

    Shadow *A* *W*: Was originally brainwashed by the Overmind and given a biologic suit of armor, with which he went through Aiur, trashing and killing more Protoss then anyone else in history. Broke free when he was attacked by a large army of the highest Protoss psychics. Wears some device in his ear to prevent the Overmind from taking control again. Also has some minor force powers, but doesn’t believe he has them, and suffers from memory loss, although as time goes on his memory gets better and better. Intentions towards people aren't totally known.

    Snapper *P* *S* *W*: The High Templar with an addiction to poker and playing cards. He once put Brood War on the line for a poker game with the Blizzard CEO. He throws razor-sharp playing cards as his weapon, and didn't really learn how to use his High Templar powers until recently, when he inserted part of an artifact called the "Lovestone" into his suit.

    Sofielisk *Fe* *W* *Z*: A modified hydralisk with 3 distinct cat personalities: Sofie who is evil and manipulative, Sassy who is a mad professor and Jasmine who is a total do-gooder. The reason for this is because one of Sassy's inventions (A cat can invent stuff!) accidentally tranferred all their minds into a hydralisk. (Ok, so they just can't invent stuff that works!) This Sofielisk is actually from another dimension, and speaks with an Olde English accent. Hates Ravil.

    Squeeky *?*: A mouse armed to the teeth, he somehow manages to sound very imposing while still having a voice that sounds like he’s been getting a high off of helium. Often has problems with Moogle.

    Stavesacre *W* *?*: An immortal cloud of psionic essence that once was a powerful Zen Master. But was killed by blizzard and became the blue cloud o' zen we all love. Leader of the Commando Bunnies, and Head of CWAL security, Stavesacre has an Evil counterpart that randomly splits off of him and does nasty things. Staves cant touch anything, but can move and influence things with psionic energies.

    Supernook *F* *S* *T*: He’s THE fighting eskimo who helped Iolaus co-found CWAL. However, no one really cares. Heh heh heh. :) Prefers to use his mighty Harpoon of Doom™, and other assorted Eskimo type weapons. He gets annoyed when other CWALers call him "Supernookie the Eskimo Cookie." "Supernookie the Eskimo Cookie© brand Eskimo Pies™, they’re chock full of goodness!"

    Talruum *S* *W* *?*: Brain-in-a-jar that makes coffee and can also use a shotgun quite effectively (No one really knows how because no one actually sees him do it). Just don’t leave him out in the sun too long or he dries up like beef jerky. Is currently in relations with Fluffy, the chainsaw (don't ask).

    The V Man *S* *T* *W*: A male human, his right arm from the elbow down is robotic, giving it double the strength of a normal arm and is equipped with its own internal power supply. He is never caught without his shades, and wields a large broad sword. He has the ability to focus and direct energy, and is one of the more happy-go-lucky members of CWAL. He wears leather pants, and a white muscle shirt with his sword strapped across his back.

    Tybalt *T* *W*: A witty Frenchman accustomed to taunting, swordplay, and the serving of caffeinated beverages. He carries a rapier. He always wears his Starbucks uniform. His only superpower is his ability to transport from one Starbucks to another instantaneously. His uniform which he always wears has his name spelled wrong on it, leading to many people calling him "Tyblat." You can imagine his reaction. Once behind the counter of a coffeeshop his behavior tends to shift to that of a Coffee Nazi to any but CWAL members. He drinks tea. A long, curled mustache graces his face, giving him that Medieval duelist look. Does not take kindly to insults. Currently working undercover as a janitor at Blizzard.

    War2Guy *S* *T*: A pilot who always seems to get his hands on any flying machine, and soon after crashes it, yet always miraculously survives (he doesn’t die then come back like Jolt, he just won’t die from a crash).

    Webrunner *T*: A very messy and impatient person, this CWALer drinks soda instead of coffee. Often goes on and on when he talks, changing the subject to abstract levels. Possesses a bag of infinite storage, which contains one of everything inside, but he has trouble finding what he wants in it.

    Z *A* *S* *W*: (Real Name: Zazzarius): Xel'Naga with a penchant for wearing Hawaiian shirts, through they look quite odd on him, being an ancient alien. "I'm only 1850 years old." "Only?" His left hand and right foot are tendrils, a result of a genetics experiment by his estranged and "slightly psychotic" father that left him with great strength and the fear that the experiment might have afteraffects, like turning into a horribly large creature with no will of his own. He's always happy when helping out a friend in need, especially if it involves a lot of violence. "Yay!"

    CWAL Hunt Valley

    Chrisk *C* *E* *T*: CWAL HV's only full cannon fodder, Chrisk is a hunchbacked, consistently drooling thirteen-year-old who always smells like fish thanks to his mentor, one Boris Lenhart. Constantly wears the same white T-shirt, which has stains of unknown stuff all over it. Extremely foulmouthed, he swears almost every other word and ponders whether "Saratov wants to get nakid with Skye." Tries to hit on Freerunner a lot. Is hated by all the CWALers, BoSers, Firaxians, and everyone else on the planet, essentially. His brain has a tendency to short-circuit and burst into flames rather often.

    Director General *A* *S* *T* *W*: Half-human and half-Vorlon, the DirectorGeneral (real name: Advinius Longinus Aurelius) joined CWAL HV in mid-November, but was kidnapped by alien product testers and did not return until early December. He wears a fedora hat. He is US Marine combat trained, very familiar with multiple weapon systems, and can do good impressions of the Roadrunner, Bullwinkle, Pac-Man, and Boris Badenov. Calls Chrisk a "punk-ass" a lot. He had a Vorlon ship named the Dart, which came from its original disguise as a 1970 Dodge Dart, but it has not been seen ever since the destruction of IIIS Orbital Station 7. He is often on the run from the alien product testers which abducted him in November of 1998, and is thought to hold the secrets of the almighty FNORD. His fedora is sentient and likes to drink Nerve Staplers.

    Eddie *E* *?*: The Orca's shipboard computer and one of Fjorxc's best friends. Originally developed by the Department of Defense during the Cold War, but he was accidentally given sentience. He escaped and eventually ended up in Silicon Valley, where he was found by Fjorxc. He enjoys performing practical jokes on people, but is extremely vulnerable to Spice Girls music. Enjoys yelling security warnings at one hundred decibels. Likes Teri Hatcher. Occasionally picks up mannerisms from his Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy namesake.

    Fjorxc Daystar *F* *Fe* *S* *T* *W*: The leader of CWAL Hunt Valley, Fjorxc was transformed into a female when her body absorbed a small amount of anime mutagen. In terms of physical appearance she is identical to Freerunner except for a significantly larger chest. She still retains some of her old personality traits, although her more maniacal tendencies seem to have been erased in the course of her gender shift. She no longer wears her flight helmet, though she still wields an impact pistol. (06/27/98)

    Freerunner *E* *Fe* *S* *T*: Freerunner is a genetic duplicate of Fjorxc, originating from another dimension and transported to CWAL Prime in June of 1998. Due to an accident involving the beta version of an anti-anime serum, she has become a 200-foot tall giantess with no signs of stopping her growth. She feels a close bond to Fjorxc, as she considers her the sister she never had and integral in her efforts to come to terms with her situation. She is romantically involved with Norf Auriga.

    Imran Siddiqui *S* *T* *W*: The former president of the Brotherhood of Sid, Imran is blessed with immense psychic powers which he harnessed under the tutelage of the second-last NIM Master (Imran is now the last NIM Master). He prefers to use the NIM (essentially a poor man's Force) as his weapon, and while he also has a lightsaber he prefers to use an energy blaster. He has great diplomatic skills, mainly because of his telepathic abilities, as well as charm and charisma. His one weakness is chocolate, which he claims he would eat forever. He is also known to make extravagant claims; in recent months, he has begun contesting that he invented the question mark in 1982.

    Jimbo2 *S* *T*: Jimbo2, also known as Lieutenant Commander Hao, is commander of the 5th Division of CWAL, the current strength of which consists of a Canuck Rover brought back from Chiron and a twice-rebuilt Hum-Vee. Thirty-four years old with twelve years of military experience, he hates the BoS because he thinks that they are really "hired junkies to keep SMAC away from us." He is a top-notch mechanic and makes sure that CWAL HV's motor fleet runs as it should.

    Norf Auriga *E* *S* *T*: Fron's brother who used to live on a farm, he came down to visit Fron and ended up joining CWAL. Fights with a pitchfork and whatever gun he may have. Sometimes fights with Fron, as Fron's cattle prod was actually borrowed from Norf and wasn't returned. He met Freerunner during the Yimotian War, and left London to join CWAL HV because she asked him to. He drives a DeLorean (the Back to the Future car) and enjoys hitting people with the gullwing doors. He is one of the best pilots in the world.

    Q Cubed *?*: Some kind of god-like creature that does lots of weird stuff like build universes out of Tinkertoys in the kitchen. He has the ability to drag objects belonging to him (such as his flagship) across the universe and weakly influence the timestream. He hangs out with Victor a lot, has an affinity for cybernetics, and has two weaknesses. However, nobody (not even himself) knows what they are.

    Talon *S* *T* *W* *?*: Three-quarters dragon and one-quarter human, Talon was changed into a dragon-like creature after being mutated in an attack on Blizzard HQ. Former Chief of Staff-Airforce in the BoS, he has now joined CWAL HV. Brandishing his moonraker laser from an old James Bond set and the BoS standard issue shredder pistol, he also flies a modified F-22 named Dave, after its sentient computer. After going through his mutation he gained the ability to fly and breathe fire.

    Victor *T* *W*: An eccentric Canadian expatriate who is one of those who just can't wait any longer. Occasionally turns into a mad scientist when he has nothing to do. His general opinion of the United States except New England and California is far from favorable, and he has a tendency to say things which imply it. Also, he has three clones, each very powerful, which are the result of an earlier experment. He functions as CWAL HV's answer to Pez (the character), though more often than not his devices actually work rather than explode. Runs the CWAL HV infirmary.

    Independant Good

    Newbie Patrol

    ()ver(V)ind *S* *Z*: Large hive mind of Starcraft/Brood War fame. Disillusioned by misuse by various factions has struck out on his own. This particular incarnation of the hive mind was planted in the dungeon of CWAL HQ during the brief Zerg occupation of Irvine(The Chosen Ones). Extremely intelligent though rather averse to individual thought rather than group consensus. Though physically immobile, he moves his consciousness via an infested terran that he can possess from short range (approximately 10 yds.). Currently allied with Phasmus & Co. and admiral of their feared pirate fleet. Resides either in the newbie dungeon, or onboard the Assimilation Regency Regatta (ARR) Liquidator.

    ()ver(V)ind's Infested Terrans *C* *E* *Z*: Can be raised from any humanoid corpse within approximately 10 yds. of the hive mind itself. Carries his consciousness and speaks for him. Beyond the intelligence, the creature maintains the standard infested terran ability of detonating and causing significant damage to the surrounding landscape.

    Adrien *S* *W* *?*: ?*Male elf, about 1.8 meters in height. Aged what would be the elven equivalent of adolescence, somewhere between 100-120 years old. Brown hair, black eyes, pointed ears. Currently acting Newbie Patrol medic and intern for Mu. Skilled at archery and stealth. Learning swordsmanship. Wears a black obsidian amulet, and carries around an almost-finished katana, also with an obsidian blade. Usually garbed in a dark gray cloak. Sometimes prone to violent outbursts. Fluent in Fuzz.

    Anarion *S* *T* *W*: Anarion is a 16 year old male, deposited on CWAL Prime by a virus planted in his computer by CWAL. He is currently an Acolyte in the Art of the Headbutt, a skill he learned from a mysterious Frenchman. He uses his head as his primary weapon alongside his martial arts skills. His secondary weapon is a Kil'dar, a long staff with two blades on the end, facing opposite directions. He only uses this weapon when confronted by mechanical or similar enemies. He dresses in brown robes, which are the symbol of his rank.

    Ariana *E* *Fe* *S*: Female elf of some 450 years of age. Golden hair, blue-green eyes, and 1.6 meters (about 5'3") in height. Fighter/adventurer who is pretty cool in nearly all situations. Has some knowledge in the magical arts, prefers using her wits and sword. Can safely be flirted with, may even flirt back. Whoever tries to go beyond playful flirts with her better beware of what she may (indirectly) do to them, in order to be left alone. Her sword has some unique characteristics.

    Box 'o Newbies *E* *S* *?*: Just a cardboard box with "This is not a Newbie" writen on the side. Members of the Newbie Patrol use it as a transport to Vetland, but it frequently causes its passengers to pass out, as it has but one airhole. When attempting to do a task, you must bear in mind that the Box o' Newbies is just a box, but can somehow get the job done nonetheless. The Box o' Newbies is also a champion Starcraft player. Being just a box, it talks like "..." Somehow it is a member of Ninny's Caped Crusaders, and has a taste for SM_007.

    Brighteye *E* *Fe* *S* *?*: Half-angelic being created from the other half of Nighteye's soul. She has been appointed the Heroine of Light and is destined to fight Nighteye, but even so she loves him and has to kill him thus (justifying this by being convinced she'll free him from the demon). She wields a white lightsaber and uses white rune magic for protection and attacks with holy light. Her skin glows softly from within as if her inner beauty radiates outward. This causes a strong hormonal reaction by all men she encounters.

    Chause *S* *W*: Chause came to CWAL in the last days of the Great Holy War to do some work with the ASG. Having since left the ASG and CWAL temporarily, he came back half human and half Barbarian. No one knows what happened to him or what he did during the days of his absence. He has above average fighting abilities and fights with an advanced Barbarian mace, and a sword in his other human hand. Chause likes to fight, but holds back until his services are needed. He does have a major setback; the human side of him is much weaker than the Barbarian side, and often he strains his muscles and they can hurt for days at a time. He spends his days at CWAL HQ talking to the guys and his nights partying, drinking, and sleeping from the early ours of morning until daylight. He feels that he is “the newbie with a cause.”

    Crystal *E* *Fe* *S*: A 5 year old girl who is the reincarnation of Poeir. Has Poeir's spells and magic in general. Screws up frequently, and has an obsession with fixing it when she does... generally making things worse. Tags along with Morpher, who is somewhat protective of her.

    Dei'Nach'r *A* *C* *Fe* *T* *W*: Dei'nar'Ys: A small, cat-like alien (Nez'chre) from some place we don't care about. He can speak English, but thinks he sounds stupid if he does. He talks in his complex alien tongue which nearly all CWALers understand PERFECTLY. The only exception is Iolaus, who's never around anyways. Is a highly skilled Martial Artist, and is like Debris, only moreso. If he dies in a story it's probably near the end. / Dei'nar'Ys was born out of an unfortunate incident in which Dei'Nach'r was hybridized with a human female. While still mostly the same person she has rebelled against her tyrranical father, who holds a death grip on the Nez'chre givernment. She is less likely to follow orders than she was in the past, and changed her status to nar'Ys, a form of honorable self-exile.

    Dei'nar'Ys *A* *Ar* *Fe* *W*: Dei'nar'Ys: A felinoid alien in a state of semi-exile on Earth. Dei' is shortby human standards, and of generally savannah brown coloration. She has green eyes. Dei' was originally male, but an... accident with cursed spring water, Crystal, and an elderly matron resulted in her becoming a female human-Nez'chre hybrid, though she has removed most of the human DNA from her system. A veteran of many battles, Dei' is only slightly better than average as a marksman, but is an excellent melee and unarmed combatant; imaginitive and audacious. Dei' is a steadfast and reliable companion, compassionate and courageous despite her flaws, and is highly protective of her friends. She tends towards melancholia, but is familiar with other emotions.

    El Cazador *Ar* *T*: A gullible and naive panamanian who got tricked into thinking CWAL was an art school. No longer deceived, El caz is learning to control his new talent: A spell that allows him to make anything he touches grow big. It gets out of control if he's under stress or emotionally altered. Skilled with pencils, doesn't like hurting people on purpose, but usually does so by accident.

    Latency *T*: Mysterious leader who appeared when fighting & pursuring MAGGOTT for some unknown reason. Dresses in dark clothes, usually sweaters and khakis ( the dark kind ). Usually has also mysterious hired hands do many tasks for him, and seems to run some kind of organization, probably illegal. Doesn't get too hyped up, as is with most CWALers, but shouldn't be crossed.

    Loki *T* *W*: Full name: Judas Loki. Vaguely resembles a weasel in a second-hand business suit. Highly cynical of just about everything and convinced that the universe is out to get him. Not much good in a fight, due to his habit of running away at the first sign of trouble or selling everyone else out. Best applied to research work and anything involving paperwork. Terrified of Phasmus.

    Lydia *E* *Fe* *T*: A woman who appears to be in her early 20s. She uses a large bastard sword called Demonsbane. She also possesses some force powers, but as of now is largely unaware of how to use them. Although she doesn't like when guys hit on her, she has a weakness for small cuddly animals. Formerly known as Lucinda.

    Motmy *P* *S* *W*: A Protoss/Orc Hybrid that wields the almighty Thingie that he uses as a sword/club/chisel/anything at all. Turns into a green archon at the call of extreme battle. A were-archon of sorts. :) Once in this state, he is very strong, but it leaves him temporarily stupified & disoriented, plus it takes away alot of energy, and he has to rest. When his eyes are blue, you're OK. If his eyes are green, you're not. :) Also has an obsession with dairy products and worships Scooby Doo. Wears huge grey cargo shorts, a huge navy-blue football jersey with no team or number on it. Huge ADIDAS shoes, and a Scooby Doo hat completes the outfit.

    Neogoth *T* *W*: A vampire/human hybrid with a craving for mochas. A result of this is a homicidal streak whenever coffee is involved. He regards all mortals as slaves fit only for the making of coffee to feed his appetite. In his spare time, he reads, writes, kills things, and raids Starbucks's.

    Orcfodder *S* *T* *W*: Orcfodder (also known as "Sexual Aluminum") is a Human Footman from the game Warcraft. He is very eager to help, but somewhat intimidated by modern items. (Cars, television, candy bars, you get the idea.) He has recently obtained a shotgun or "boomstick" as he calls it. However, he still uses his sword, as he has not quite grasped the concept of "reloading." Unlike most footmen, Orcfodder is not cannon fodder, and in fact displays a bit of skill at fighting. Being a Footman, he naturally hates Orcs.

    Punt *C* *W* *?*: A kobold (blue-furred rat/dog) with a spear and a splintery wooden shield. Dressed in brown orc-hide jacket. Real name is "Jard". He has telekinetic and psychic abilities (invisibility, deception, low-level mind control) and is cannon fodder. Has dedicated his life to sticking around Prysym. Prysym and he act like Sam & Max, Freelance Police, when together.

    Raider *T*: Raider is the self-proclaimed "CWAL leader." He has fighting experience and carries a .22 pistol in case something unexpected happens. He hangs out around CWAL HQ a lot to find out whats going on in CWAL. His main hobbies are hunting and fishing but he likes a number of other sports.

    Robo Gerbil *S* *W* *?*: A cross between RoboCop and a gerbil, he was in the running for the marquee character in Pokémon when Pikachu beat him out. Now obsessed with killing Pikachu and "de-stuffing" any stuffed Pikachu. He has access to a wide variety of weapons, mainly because a Swiss Army Knife (The Super Duper Deluxe Edition) was accidentally fused to his back during a mutation gone wrong. His biggest ones are inevitably used only against Pikachu. Talks like a computer. Likes to hammer people in the crotch in melee combat.

    SM_007 *S* *T* *?*: The self-proclaimed "Lord of Evahl," SM_007 is an ex-government agent, who now spends his days as an operative for hire, not really caring whom he works for, as long as he gets paid. Usually wears horrible looking 70-style suits (usually plaid ones, complete with huge, brown shades), but is actually quite skilled in several fighting techniques, and prefers to use his trusty, silenced PP7 pistol in battle. SM_007 is always on edge, sneaking around in a paranoid fashion, believing that almost everything he sees and touches is booby trapped. Oddly enough, in times of great need, he can call upon the power of the moon to transform himself into a nearly-invulnerable, mega-powered sailor scout, who can focus rainbow-coloured energy into a blast that can send someone halfway across the galaxy, or just incinerate them completely. The catch? SM_007 is so embarassed by his gift that he'll rarely use it unless he is absolutely sure that no one is watching. In any event, SM_007 practically lives in his sleek, custom-designed silver Jaguar just outside of CWAL HQ, as the Box o' Newbies, for whatever reason, is constantly trying to eat him (and is usually succeeding).

    Señor Gato *S* *T* *W*: A cool guy and a wisecracker. Wears ski goggles all the time, but they're always up on his forehead or around his neck. Incredibly pale, this allows him to turn translucent (looks just like the stealth camo that the Predator had in the movie by the same name), but sunlight and UV rays tan him and make him visible. Wields two 1940s style Colt .45s and can sprout bone spikes from small bone bump-like protrusions on his knuckles, elbows, knees, and spine. Not very tough, but is very agile. Looks totally human other than the showing bone bumps.

    Shade *Fe* *S* *T* *W*: December1999- A 16 year old female human. Seriously injured in the crossfire of a military exercise, she was taken and converted into a stealthy assassin. After her rehabilitation she was administered a serum, matching her agility and speed to that of a spider. The serum also altered her appearance, changing her hair to silver while the military marked her with matching silver spider tatoos on the back of her hands. Equipped with a longbow, venomous claws, an arm mounted grappling hook, and dressed in black and silver robes held together with a silver corset-belt complete with a spider insignia, she has joined CWAL's cause.

    April 2004- In addition to her original description I'd like to note that since her creation she has married Darth Ninny/Master Tuff and they are currently living in the Penthouse atop the CWAL HQ. As of April 2004 they are proud parents of a little girl who has yet to be given a nickname by her parents. Shade is a character that ages with her creator and therefore is 21 years old as of May 2004. There is NO ROOM for a story containing divorce for Ninny and Shade. END OF DISCUSSION.

    Snark *P* *S*: He's a Protoss with guns; semi-automactic things that shoot whatever they are made to shoot. From an average Protoss family, his mother died in a fire during the sige of Jamadran, and his brother was tortured to death by the Queen of Zerg. He joined the army because he got into trouble with the law (He was smuggling Vespene gas) and joining erases your file. Since he is not of this planet, he often gets things wrong, and misunderstands most things. He doesn't have much common sense, or rather, he has it, and it works perfectly on Protoss worlds, but is at a total loss on Earth. Often fails to see the self-evident. Sometimes he is too trusting, sometimes paranoid; Whatever he deems is the proper act for a given situation, isn't. He also believes, somewhat uniquely for a Protoss, in the general theory that there are few problems that can't be solved with fighting and shooting.

    Spudster Potatohead *S* *T* *W*: A potato farmer native to Prince Edward Island, Canada. He has a fun little crop duster that is virtually undestructable except the wheels (Further information classified... for now). Has a powerful pesticide that can't harm ants or potato plants. He is protective of ants and they end up helping him out once in a while... except they die. Also has a potato gun that works good enough as an annoyance. Also, potatoes make nice things to step on. *wink* *wink*

    taion *C* *S* *W*: Currently a rubber band with a toothpick, formerly a Drakyri Bladesinger. Adept Archmage, but lack of either hands or a mouth makes the casting of spells with somatic and/or verbal components difficult, at best. Although for some reason this doesn't hinder communication or swordfighting abilities.

    Currently Crystal's pet; resides in a cardboard box in her corner of the basement. Generally found in the proximity of large numbers of Skittles.

    undertow *S* *W*: A small white rabbit. Who eats people. Essentially the "Anti-Kazz," his primary weapon is a REALLY big broadsword. (And, yes, a rabbit CAN hold a sword.) Secondarily, he uses his razor-sharp teeth to devour people he doesn't agree with. Destined from birth to lead the masses of newbies that populate the darkest recesses of the Pilot's Lounge and War Room, undertow seems to always find a way to bring the factions (CWAL, NP, CARV, etc.) into combat.

    Neutral Groups


    Aleph *E* *Fe* *S* *T*: Extradimensional twin of ßetaMantis, supposedly hailing from Inferno, the world in which Diablo had won the Sin War. Lieutenant in Black Operations and trainer of her duplicate. Her history with COTS is unknown - or at least unreleased. She has some sort of partial mutation as opposed to the near total that her "twin sister" had, granting her strength, regeneration and agility of the insectoid form inwardly, but still human form outwardly. She typically fights with her father's two levels, one metallic and four feet, the other a white plastic and two feet. Both are known to be heavily reinforced by duranium. The longer has ice-picks of a like material on both ends. Any other "options" in either weapon have yet to be seen. She seems arrogant normally and claims it is confidence. She is also blunt and tactless on purpose. She is both extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Not even all of the COTS Command Cell know of her existence, but she is known to report to Whyte and TheDeamon - who in turn probably report to Magni eventually. (Last updated: 2001/10/11)

    Angela Stormcaller *Fe* *S* *W* *?*: Legacy reborn as a female Frost Mage. Has a flaming sword, but her magic is too combat-oriented for it to be anything more than a backup. She has average height and an athletic build, her eyes are ice blue, and she always keeps her long, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She is cheerful and optimistic despite a ward that blocks both Possession by a "fallen" angel and ALL (read: ALL) memory prior to joining COTS.

    Bergling *C* *E*: A sniveling little spindly mutant test. Trying to create the "perfect servant," they failed... Bergling was the result. Screams like a banshee at the first sign of trouble, then runs wildly in a small circle waving his hands like a French teacher. Gets killed a lot in marvelously creative ways, then gets resurrected again. God's favorite plaything. His shrill voice, when heard, automatically makes him a target.

    Daemon *Fe* *S* *T*: Human abducted by the Dark Templar, when given lessons on how to cloak himself he did something which caused him to become permanently cloaked and capable of passing through solid matter. Fights telekinetically (moves objects around). With control of the doppleganger flenser he calls Deamon, he only uses his original body when he must. Only other person from CWAL Prime who knows of the original body's continued existance is Dark Nexus.

    Dark Nexus *F* *S* *T* *W*: Getting a straight answer out of him is sometimes worse than pulling teeth. Never loses his cool, unless it involves the deceased Kebs, of which he was (and still is when it comes to her memory) extremely protective of. Due to his cool composure, he is completely immune to all forms of musical torture, with the exception of the Inspector Gadget Theme Song amd "Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" (from Armageddon). If things affect him, they affect him big time, and the results are almost impossible to predict (with the exception of the second song, he'll automatically do ANYTHING to stop the music). Has some rather mysterious and undiscovered mental powers that he isn't even too sure about, or even if they exist... He loves to try out experimental weapons [they usually don't work as planned], but has a shotgun for backup. Whereabouts unknown, although reports place him in the vicinity of CWAL HV.

    Jade *E* *Fe* *T*: A magic user, Jade attacks through use of stones. Different stones give different effects. Ruby allows for fireballs, diamond acts as a light source, etc. Wears a piece of turquoise inset in a necklace. She is taller and more muscular than most Terran women. Has long blond hair and stores various stones in a pouch on her belt. She can use any stone she finds, but those she just picks up are very weak compared to those she carries with her.

    Kalledon *S* *W* *?*: A Wood Elf hailing from the world of Warhammer, Kalledon was dragged to CWAL prime during an extradimensional experiment performed by Blizzard. Before coming to CWAL prime, Kalledon was a general in the Wood Elf army and he is quite the skilled swordsman.

    Due to an infusion with Chaos magic and a soul drinking sword, Kalledon's soul became dark and tainted. He left COTS temporarily to try and redeem himself. During his travels he was forced to fight his dark side and break away from it. After surviving the battle Kalledon cleansed his body and soul of the Chaos taint. His trials did leave him changed though. He can use holy magic and weilds a sword of holy energy. However, he is still learning to use his new powers.

    Magni *S* *T* *W*: Obsessed with duct tape and Cherry Coke (pumped directly into his bloodstream), but otherwise stable. If someone removes his Cherry Coke supply, he immediately goes into withdrawal. Uses FCBs for that extra little boost. Hates coffee. He fights using anything involving duct tape. Since Dark Nexus' departure, Magni has been elevated to commander of COTS.

    Speds *E* *T*: A highly self-taught group of five insane pyromaniacs who don't have all that much upstairs. They do have a sort of demented sense of humor, which includes, but is not limited to, sticking lighter fluid in their hand and then lighting it. They all get a jolly laugh out of things like that. Anything involving fire is what they use in battle.

    TheDeamon *S* *W* *?*: A rather oddly mind controlled doppleganger flenser that Daemon has managed to make rather extensive use of. While enlisting help from Whyte, Daemon has managed to have most of the embeded flenser programming removed, freeing him up to make more liberal use of his attentions. Has demonstrated some very limited psionic spell casting ability through the flenser. Very highly skilled in Melee combat with extenisve use of the flensers' shapshifting abilities.

    Thunder *E* *S* *T*: Prone to fits of insanity and bad one-liners. A ballistics "expert," things don't always go as he plans when it comes to his weapons, but he doesn't mind, he likes the strange results. Tends to go and overdo it. For Thunder, heavy firepower is the name of the game.

    Whyte *E* *T*: Pure genius, plain and simple. He is the guy that thinks up and makes all the new toys for the rest of COTS to play with, including Dark Nexus' experimental weapons. Kind of like Q Branch in the Bond movies. Tends not to leave HQ, never goes on missions. Will always try to avoid a fight, but will fashion a weapon out of anything nearby when he's forced into one.

    ßetaMantis *Fe* *T* *W*: Mathematics/Computer Science university student formerly mutated into an insectoid. An officer-in-training for COTS, currently working in London Ontario as a technician. After contracting the anime serum, was reverted to a human - albeit female. She is chronically introspective, has a horrible sense of literal and self-deprecating humour and is moderately asthmatic. She is also effectively pathetic in battle - has a rather accomplished skill with firearms, but has yet to fire on anyone. No one other than COTS, Blizzard, and a select few of the NP knew of her existence as an insectoid, much less a human now or in COTS at all. (Last updated: 2002/05/23)

    Independant Neutral

    Adoc the Voiceless *E* *S*: A Night Elf Demon Hunter who came to CWAL Prime originally to join Operation CWALA during its attempt to claim Warcraft 3. After Operation CWALA disbanded he set off to the Shadowlands to continue his life mission of fighting demons.

    He is armed only with twin magically enhanced cresent blades. Coupled with his demonic powers, incredible agility, and well-honed muscles, he is a force to be reconned with.

    Adoc was last seen battling the forces of Chaos and the Burning Legion in Scotland. His current whereabouts are unknown.

    CZ *A* *Fe* *W* *Z*: Originally a new strain of Blizzard Engineered Attack Zergling, CuriousZergling quickly showed an independent streak and an appetite for tapefiends. Exposed to the anime girl serum by Z and then a botched attempt to return to being a zergling, CZ is now an unstable mix of zerg and human DNA with a penchant for goo and a spiky exterior.

    Droit *A* *E*: Only one foot in height, don't let this little guy fool you. He is a highly advanced cybernetic being from another dimension. Appearing to be an average looking robot (well as average as robots look at one foot), he can perform several tasks. Droit has the unique ability to talk to any computer, and I mean ANY computer, in the same fashion humans cominicate with each other. He is quite often found coversing with TV's, automatic doors, and the occasional turbo charged, power pistol. Droit also has the ability to generate a small anti-gravitation field about himself, thus giving himself the ability to fly.

    Fael-Inis *Ar* *S*: Is known to some as the rebel angel. Despite being a creature of light (*wink*) is tangible and sometimes very human, indulging in earthly pleasures... Master of many trades Incl. smithery and carpentry. Also has an extensive knowledge of all things automotive, and can modify vehicles with ease. Preferred weapon is a handgun with a caliber of roughly .75. Can shape-shift into a few forms including a 14-foot tall xenomorph creature with wasp wings and strong claws that can find purchase on any surface. Can manipulate energy with varying degrees of success and control. (Chaos, mayhem and random electrocutions, anybody?) Also carries a bottomless bag o' nukes, containing nukes of any size needed (how convenient!)

    Inconsequential Lurker *A* *W* *Z*: Inconsequential Lurker at first glance seems a rather nondescript lurker, but
    upon further examination he manifests a few strange tendancies, supposedly a
    result of Blizzard's experiments. His coloring, whilst the typical reddish
    earthtones found in lurkers, is somewhat washed out. He does not burrow
    properly, instead burying his head as an ostritch does, often leaving his body
    sticking nearly straight up out of the ground and hence making himself even
    more conspicous than he would otherwise be. Inconsequential Lurker has an odd personality, seeming to be the
    anti-consequence. He has a tendancy to make stirring, passionate speaches in a
    thouroughly monotonous voice somewhat remiscent of Ben Stein on such topics as
    the need for revolution over the unfair burden of chalk taxation. He is oddly
    skilled at bringing people to action over such things, but will immediately
    lose interest the second bullets start flying, instead opting to go have a
    much-needed rest and perhaps address the much more urgent topic of unchecked
    radish growth.

    MissCheetah *Fe*: MissCheetah is more girl than cat (NOT anime). She has long (mid back) honey colored hair, slightly upswept furry ears, catlike eyes, high cheekbones, and long legs. Her body is slim, lithe, and sinuous. Yes, she has a tail. For weapons she has retractable metal claws and carries a whip. She wears fitted leather pants and black boots. She has a short fitted jacket over a small white T-shirt. Sexy but functional. A scientist at heart, she is inquisitive and likes to discover the "whys" behind plots rather than just demolish the enemy outright. However, she is quite adept at kicking some tail when she needs to. She can commonly be found in her bio lab at BioCorp where she is head researcher, in a bookstore, or playing Diablo2.
    Char sketch

    Psycho Sam! *Ar*: Psycho Sam! is a stick man. He has a rather long and detailed history, none of which is really of any consequence. Psycho Sam! is somewhat eccentric, and has a chaotic echoey voice. He obsesses over the smallest things, and has a fairly short attention span. He also comes up with the most absurd solutions to the smallest problems. Due to a promise he made to the late General Kefpac, Psycho Sam! is now in charge of the War Room Liberation Army(WRLA), though he has, since taking over, discharged the entire army and replaced it with 'Steves'*.

    When necessary, Psycho Sam! charges blindly into battle waving his chainsaw or his sawed off, double barreled shotgun. Being a two dimensional animated stick man, Sam! is able to redraw any part of him that has been injured.

    *See entry for Steve LaFleur

    Sweet Lovely Girl *Fe* *T*: Your typical 18 year old girl with a soft spot for kind guys, but with MDF (Molecular Destruction Field) weapons and a deep desire to use them to defend herself from creeps and perverts and a really strange name that includes every adjective in the English language as a middle name. She has also recently aquired, at great personal cost, the ability to forge her soul into angelic armour, sword and shield, plus a set of massive fully functional wings. Not a CWALer or a Bliz employee, SLG exists at the fringes and looks for dating prospects.

    Thorkos *T*: 17 year old fractured entity formerly known as Julian Green. His relationship to CWAL is tenuos, focusing rather on his capture of Kollin Reed, evil shard and antithesis to Thorkos.

    Zerg Canadians

    Canuckalisk Geek *E* *Z*: The Zerg Canadians' sole scientist, Geek is a close associate of General Turtle. Delves into all manner of bizarre genetic experiments to bolster the military prowess of the Zerg Canadians. Geek was the creator of the Surralisks. Wears glasses, which are often stolen by the other Canuckalisks as a joke. Gets beaten up and has his lunch money stolen a lot. Currently accompanying Aura into the United States.

    TurtleToo *W* *Z*: The feared General of the Canuckalisks, Turtle is the one that leads the armies of the Zerg Canadians into battle against its enemies. He is a very temperamental Zergling with an unrelenting addiction to cigars. Extremely cunning and dangerous. Don't let his small size fool you... he will readily bite off the ankles of anybody who gets in his path. Turtle is currently the President of the United States.



    CEO *E* *T*: The big bad guy at the top of the enemy corporate ladder. Is almost invincible, and of late has regained his sanity... sorta.

    Flenser HK mkIV *E*: What you get when you cross the Terminator with a creature from the Alien movies. Very dangerous.

    Flenser HK mkIX *E*: The most dangerous of the flensers so far, he was too powerful for even Blizzard to control. Is run by five personalities (Alpha: attack, Delta: defense, Omega: evasive maneuvers, Epsilon: human behavior and influence, and Sigma: random/special abilities. Sigma acts the most odd). Also has a teleport feature, large claws, and a full shoulder mounted plasma cannon.

    Flenser HK mkVI *E*: Also known as the “Doppelganger,” this flenser is a shapeshifter that can turn into anybody or anything (that isn’t too much bigger than his original body). Nicknamed “Dopey” by the CWALers.

    Flenser HK mkVIII *E*: AKA Flenser Newborn. Every time it kills somebody, it grows slightly. Is capable of growing incredibly large. Deadly, but not entirely stable.

    Flenser HK mkXIII *E*: Only four of these former-robotic-monstrosities were ever made, each given a specific name: Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. They used to be towering, 12-foot-tall killing machines, until they met up with the real four horsemen, with unpleasant results. They are now small tin cans acting as realms servers for Diablo II, deep within Blizzard Headquarters.

    HP *E* *?*: The Head Programmer is the second-in-command of the Blizzard company. Was killed when he betrayed the CEO, and was replaced by an exact robotic copy. This robot was destroyed when PFBS HQ blew up, he has been replaced AGAIN by an updated model.

    Lab Coat Guy *E* *T*: The tech specialist of Blizzard Entertainment. He always wears a lab coat, and is almost always the one behind the latest technological gizmos Blizzard uses.

    PatN *E* *?*: One of the higher members of Blizzard, he is right under HP. Like the HP, he's also a robot.

    Poing *Fe* *T* *W* *?*: Poing is a robot, shaped like a little anime girl. She is approx 2" tall, with scarlet hair and enormous eyes that are actually TVs. She can talk to machinery with noises that sound like a modem squeal, and 'persuade' them to cooperate with her. Often her eyes will display what she is thinking about, and if she concentrates, she can project a 3D image onto a flat surface, or directly into someone's eyes.

    She beleives that Pooky is her mother, and will not tollerate any damage or threat to her. She trusts those that she perceives to be nice to Pooky. She responds well to treats such as small lithium batteries or pure metal fragments which she uses for self-repair.

    Her memory matrices are scrambled at the moment and all she knows is that she has been running from some men in lab coats for some time. Lothos named her, because she didn't have a name when she got to HQ.

    Poing sleeps under the TV. While she looks about 2 (exagerated, chibi-like proportions) her behavior is more consistant with that of a shy 10-12 y/o human child.

    Receptionists *E* *T*: The receptionists of Blizzard are actually highly trained warriors that attack using their extra-sharp nails and their dangerous high-heeled shoes. Their only weakness is that they will fight over any jar of nail-polish.

    SOLDAT *E* *S* *?*: The sole survivor of the Flenser Mark X project and the destruction of Blizzard Underground by agents working for Phasmus, the Flenser is sentient and possesses incredible abilities, including heavy armor, magnetic force shields, and a short-ranged teleporter. Weaponry includes the standard forearm claws, gauss raingun, phase blades, and cluster missiles. All of them, except for the claws, are usually concealed in the polished chassis of the Flenser. While somewhat subliminated to the overall mind of a Flenser, the drives and sentience of the Blizzard technician Brandon Flesicher are still extant.

    ScottM *E* *?*: One of the higher members of Blizzard, he is right under PatN. Like the HP and PatN, he's also a robot.

    Security Guards *E* *T*: With a collective IQ of 0, these "guards" are easily tricked out of doing their job.

    Shlonglor *E* *T*: Originally Blizzard's webmaster, he was promoted to head of Security after Sephroth left.

    Zerg *E* *Z*: Can be found in large armies that assault CWAL, since they are allied with Blizzard.


    Atlas *E* *T* *W*: Clone of dead Atlas. Evil Talruum again has made him believe CWAL turned on him, so he is seeking revenge. The muscle of the group, his hands ARE his weapons.

    Dolly *E* *Fe* *S* *?*: Evil DragonEyes clone, she has a huge crush on Evil Jolt who doesn't return the affections. If she gets upset, she turns into a sheep.

    Evil Jolt *C* *E* *T*: The evil clone of Jolt, has all the same attributes of the origional... in other words, dies a lot.

    Evil Talruum *E* *T*: The man in armani, always wears shades, smokes cubans, likes his coffee strong and black. Brains and leader of CWL. Unlike the real Talruum, Evil Talruum still posesses his body. Uses a gun. Does not scruple to use any dirty tactic available.

    Keynes *W*: Agent Keynes is currently the right-hand of E. Talruum, although they are in an alliance
    of convenience. 6'1", medium build with deep black eyes, and high cheekbones, with neatly combed straight black hair with a widow's peak. Usually seen with shades and in cashmere suits. For reasons that are unknown, he is remarkably similar to E. Talruum in appearance, except that his eyes are black where E. Tal's are blue. He uses various revolvers and handguns with deadly accuracy, although on occasion he may use heavier guns as well. He holds a persistent hate of all magic, and will try to rationalize any magical occurances.

    Radagast *E* *S* *T*: Clone of the dead Radagast. Seeks revenge on CWAL because Evil Talruum convinced him they killed him. A pyromaniac, he fights with a flamethrower.

    Red Spider *E* *S* *T*: Thinks he's spider man, wears spiderman pajamas and uses a grappling hook as his web shooter. Another clone of a dead guy that Evil Talruum has convinced to help kill CWAL.

    Independant Evil

    Canopus *E* *S* *T*: A cliche evil clone of Arcturus, although it is not known what his current affiliation is. Canopus is a cybernetically-enhanced version of Arcturus with white hair, pasty skin and a transparent red plate covering his right eye. He assisted CWAL during the Putz Patrol operation, but has since disappeared. It is unknown whether he still harbors a grudge toward Arcturus.

    Eddie *?*: A supremely violent human(?) with odd supernatural abilities. Has some connection to Paradox, Crystal, and the alternet future.

    Frenzy *Fe* *W* *Z* *?*: A psychotic, unpredictable and cynical human/Zerg hybrid. Very powerful psionics, secondary sickle arms (much like many infested terrans), sharp claws and tail with a long, sharp barb. Has a very, VERY mean persona. Has no control over her temper and usually snap at the slightest thing. The second in command to the Queen of Blades. Hates teen boy bands but loves hardcore music. At the sight of any teen boy band she will go berserk and destroy anyone and anything in her path. She has the ability to revert into her human form to be able to infiltrate human defenses disguised as one of their Ghosts.

    Fronnette *E* *Fe* *S* *T*: Fronnette ("Susan" just doesn't have the same effect) is a female clone of Fron, blasted into CWAL Prime from an alternate dimension (the Succession War). Fronnette is totally loyal to Yimot, yet has many of the personality traits of Fron, such as a hatred for C3000 and a love for Canadian beer. She also fights with a cattle prod and the art of Ni, though she has less ability in the latter than Fron himself, who she absolutely loathes (since she is, after all, the worst of cliched plot devices, the Evil Clone). She disappeared after the Great Holy War, taking the reanimated CMS Canuck with her to parts unknown. Chances are good that Fron hasn't seen the last of her.

    Malice *Fe* *S* *T*: The embodiment of Frenzy's most wicked personality. Seperated from Frenzy and given a body, she was Sephroth's closest ally, even to fusing with him during the Great Holy War. She has long black hair, pale white skin and a long black dress. In the aftermath of the GHW, Malice's powers and abilities were stripped of her. She is, for all intents and purposes, a normal human being now.

    Namrok *W* *?*: Namrok isn't really an independent villain, just independent. After the Great Holy War, he up and ascended to be the god of continuity. We don't hear from him anymore, unless someone goes overboard on the LPDs.

    Nilam *E* *Z* *?*: Somewhat of a brother to Palin, he lacks neither the magic nor the visable infestation of his brother, though he maintains some of the abilities of the Zerg, including but not limited to regeneration and burrowing (it doesn't look as funny as one might think). He is rather unimaginative and as such, a great deal of concepts are lost upon him--the idea of walking to another planet would not seem to have any flaw to him, except for maybe the fact that it would take a while. Currently on an expedition to the world of Sanctuary in order to hunt down Senthin.

    Palin *W* *Z* *?*: A dwarf partially infested with Zerg strains, he retains both the regeneration inherant to the Zerg, as well as a few fashionable talons. Being a dimensional mage, Palin can pull bricks from thin air, as well as perform various other magicks. This also makes him more trusting of the art, though he still remains paranoid of a great many things (namely, anything that isn't him). Not evil by any means, though he does live a solitary life beneat the Canadian Rockies.

    Ravage *S* *W* *?*: Ravage was a divisionary commander in the burning legion and a member of the Infernal, a demonic sub-species. He is cunning, fights only when necessary, and always plans ahead. He wields twin rune blades that have elemental effects on their targets. He possesses the ability to hover a few inches above the ground, allowing him to move rapidly. He is a powerful telepath, which allows him to manipulate fire and electrical energy. He can also regenerate.

    Senthin *E* *?*: An evil being with multiple forms, none of which are truly existant in reality, but are rather manifestations of himself using the powers of the Void. His magic is similar to Palin's, yet at the opposite end of the spectrum--it circles around the Void, rather than reality. Draws power from the dead, though not in the traditional manner. He can generally be spotted as the fellow who is made up of nothing but black and gray. Currently in Sanctuary, supposedly to find a fresh intake of spirits to draw energy from.

    Sephroth *S* *?*: An unpredictable and wholly evil entity, noted for his white hair, black cape, and fearsome blade. Formerly one of CWAL's own, the good man that was originally Sephroth was overtaken by a demon within an ancient temple. Though this host was finally killed, the monster within had already evolved beyond the need for one. He rebuilt his body and joined in for the Great Holy War, where he was vanquished forever. "Forever," in this case, meaning a matter of weeks. He is also known as "The Never-Ending Villain."

    Shock *C* *E* *S*: Formerly known as Jolt. Shock awakened when Jolt resurrected after about 4000 deaths. Shock's laid back and kinda crazy. In short, his cells have subtle control over the fabric of space. Favorite uses of this include phasing (teleporting), flying, creating miniature black holes, antimatter, and force shields. He created an ancient black katana that eats a little of whatever touches the blade, adding to it's current mass of a bus. But the sword weighs nothing considering gravity has no affect on it. Shock uses his innate power to weild the sword with ease and to be stronger and faster than usual. Shock is neutral in all cases, but is always looking for a good fight. Currently, Shock is walking the across the universe using the bridge between life and death, but maintains a clairvoyant watch on what goes on in Irvine just for laughs. So feel free to use him somehow.

    Zenogias *W* *?*: After going on a Slayer-slaying rampage that created the Great Holy War, Zenogias took up residence in the UltimaEngine to seriously lay the smack down. Unfortuantely, he met up with Lothos, and through a series of amusing incidents, is now trapped in a furby owned by Crystal.


    Aurus *W* *?*: Aurus is a water elemental, formerly a member of XILE. His natural form composed of nothing water, making him nearly invincible to conventional attack. His main form of attack is to manipulate water to his advantage, quite the opposite of DarkAngel. Aurus also possesses an extremely sardonic approach to existence that stems from a loosely-displayed contempt of humanity.

    Craw *S* *T* *W*: Currently under control by DarkAngel to fight against his will, Craw's flame aura has been increased ten-fold. His attacks are now quite devastating...if and when they actually manage to hit the target. He's deathly afraid of the other OEEPers', and is often found lingering quietly in his prison cell away from their taunts and beatings. Still he manages to stay light-hearted and cheerful, and often carries the only happy smile to be seen in OEEP's ranks.

    DBD *C* *T*: This guy is actually three for the price of one. He was an experimental guinea pig for Blizzard, but the tests failed and he became a reject, eventually ending up in OEEP's ranks. His three personalities are Die-Bruke (the genius), Bad~Rel (the strong fighter), and Derksbane (the moron/coward). The dominant personality is constantly shifting.

    DarkAngel *Ar* *F* *S* *?*: --Once a fierce warrior of the heavens, DarkAngel was cast out when his plans for domination were discovered. Exiled on Earth, he began his plans for vengeance. During the recent AGFWD conflicts, he was turned into an anime girl. She is now the sexy vixin leader of OEEP.
    --She fights with an ebony scythe of flaming blades called the Star Scythe. Her wings are ornamental, although she can levitate. Though she is the leader, rarely does she ever involve herself in the activities of the group. Instead she spends her spare time reading through her secret stash of Play Demon magazines, if not trying to fondle the female members of the organization.

    Fallout *S* *T* *W*: Formerly XILE, now OEEP. Wears a grey suit, grey fedora, and shades. An expert marksman and killer, he never misses a target. Has an ego as big as any human being can handle to compensate for the fact that he hates killing and would rather be in the garage working as a grease monkey. Favorite weapons are the 30-30, the 30-06, and the .22 pistol. When he becomes hungry he changes to HomisLupis.

    Frog *S* *W* *?*: Uhh... he's a frog. Obviously. He can leap really high, but still hasn't quite mastered landing. His weapon of choice is the venerable paper clip, which he can mold into almost anything.

    HomisLupis *T* *?*: Formerly XILE, now OEEP. Was the subject of Blizzard experiments. He wears only cutoff jean shorts. Is increadibly strong and fast, with heightened senses. He has a high healing factor, causing him to heal from near fatal injuries in seconds. When he is caused to feel pain or he causes someone else to feel pain he gets larger, stronger and faster. When he is fed until he is full he reverts to Fallout.

    Krius *?*: Err... he's an elf. I think. With a stick.

    Krusader *S* *T*: Your typical mad scientist with a strange obsession with lemons. He has ambitions of world domination and therefore joined OEEP. He has an indestructible suit of armor which he can get out of in an instant if need be. He commands the Leviathan, which is actually the Hyperion that he stole from Jim Raynor and extensively modified.

    Nighteye *S* *W* *?*: A Dark Jedi who is able to use the Force at will and is trying to raise his own empire. He is always dressed in black, and in shadows as well as at night he is nearly invisible. He is possessed by a demon and has a pact with Diablo to raise an unholy empire. Blizzard threatens the empire which he must raise in Diablo's name. Light will hurt or kill him, and holy water burns his skin. He is now in possession of the Darksaber, a legendary black lightsaber. As Lord of the Shadows, he has become King of the Shadowlands, formerly Siberia, but now a country of half-demons submerged in an eternal shadow, and the first land of Diablo's Empire. Lost his right eye to DarthNinny during the Great Holy War.

    Paradox *A* *Ar* *S* *W*: Delightful 2 foot tall fungus based alien from an alternate universe. Sporting a large mushroom cap, a oversized turtle-neck sweater, and an 8-foot chunk of metal some call a sword. This "Time Sword", forged by the hippie smiths of a distant future, give him the ability to slightly distort time to his advantage. Possessing charisma beyond anything human, he is none the less inwardly worried about most situations, and will interject his objections to inane plans at appropriate moments. He was in CWAL for a good amount of time, but left, seemingly at the request of a mysterious psychopath known only as Eddie. Now he fights amoung the ranks of OEEP/KC. But.. he still hasn't proven he's keen on the Kill CWAL part. Some say he still has ties to Phasmus and Co., but whatever hold the tape fiends have on him remain known only to them.

    Revenant *T*: The High Geek of Yimot, a long-dead society that worshipped computers, Revenant is the resident tech-head of OEEP, with computing powers far beyond the reach of mortal man. He also considers a computer's life far more important than any human life- if he sees anyone hurting one of his "babies," then he's likely to whip up all of his 98 lbs. into a homicidal rage directed at the offender, whether he be friend or foe.

    Seeker *S* *T*: Tall, dark, and covered with scares, years of deep thouhgt and excessive head injuries have had a calming effect on the once incoherently insane mercenary. That aside, he still enjoys pain, massive destruction, and killing the "weak" who he considers to comprise most of the worlds population. His casual wear consists of boots, black BDU pants, flak vest, pistols and SMGs in caliber .45, obscenely large knives, indispensable crowbar, and a 12 gauge.



    00Chause: He was an ex-agent of the ASG. When he said he wanted to have nothing more to have with the ASG, he was mind-wiped by the Slayers-Chimneysweep.

    Akardam: Akardam and his creation, MIKE, perished in the asteroid belt onboard the CMS Hawthorne. Their remains were never found, but detonating a few thousand kilos of antimatter tends to do that. (The Kobiashi Maru)

    Akira *Fe*: One of CWAL's few female members, and a secret Blizzard operative. Died during a Blizzard attack after she destroyed CWAL's computer mainframe and brought the shields down. (CWAL: Future's End)

    Alter *Fe* *Z*: Alter was originally the only other female CWALer besides Dragoneyes (if you don’t count the computer), Alter also suffered from constant attempts for a date by the opposite gender. For some reason, she could not stop rhyming once she had any caffine (if she couldn't rhyme, she went into a brain spazm). Part Zerg, Part human (although unlike Sephroth of old, she was mostly human with some zerg instincts) Her weapon of choice was a spork. Alter was the first female member to die. She got infested by the Zerg and went kablooie! (The Chosen Ones)

    AnRKsT: A member of the original team, AnRKsT had a knack for pissing everybody else off by calling them "moronic kids" and comparing StarCraft to the third reich. He was killed, and his life force was mixed with Rask. He later inhabited a flenser head - unable to do much because he was, well, just a head. He bravely sacrificed himself by becoming a bomb to help CWAL escape from a group of flensers. (The CWAL Birthday Bash)

    Carver: The enigmatic reporter gave his life to allow his fellow-newbies to escape a horde of Zerg. (The Great Holy War Finale)

    Cobalt *P*: Dark Chrono's long-time rival finally turned to the light, sacrificing himself to save his arch-rival.

    Haplo: Haplo was a fighter who used movie tactics against his enemies. He got chopped up by a flenser. 'Nuff said. (The CWAL Birthday Bash)

    Icegoat: He was an ordinary guy who was on the original CWAL team. He was driven mindless by Dragoneyes' clicky pen technique, rendering him unable to do more than stand around and drool. After spending a year on top of the Blizzard building drooling, PatN finally did him in with a single shot to the head. (The CWAL Birthday Bash)

    Jarick: This shapeshifter perished in an absurdly selfless act that saved the Newbie Patrol- or did he? The body was never found...(Grasp of Chaos)

    Jester: The resident prankster is no more. He was run through by a flenser. Apparently, being run through by a flenser causes death. (The CWAL Birthday Bash)

    JoystickJ *?*: The BBQ-sauce swilling Maggottonian died while fighting Sephroth during the Great Holy War. As a Maggottonian, he isn't really dead, per se, but can't come back to CWAL Prime for a long while. (The Great Holy War Finale)

    Kebs *E* *Fe* *S* *T*: Killed by a demon while defending COTS HQ. (CWAL:D2, Day 4)

    Keeper: Fighter with a slinky for a neck, but that didn't help him much when a Zerg thrust its claw through his skull. (The Chosen Ones)

    Leach *?*: Everyone's favorite EM being was destroyed from the inside oot by a rouge bit of Flenser programming. Although Leach is dead, the Flenser that came to inhabit his body is, thankfully, also dead. It is unknown whether he has gone on to any sort of afterlife, comprised as he is from 1s and 0s. (Prodigal Son)

    MIKE: A sentient AI/computer that Akardam created, he perished alongside him on the Hawthorne. (The Kobiashi Maru)

    Maelstrom: The forgotten member of CWAL HV, committed suicide with a shotgun, a doorknob, and a string tied between the two. Just for the record, his last words were not "A truck!" (Closure)

    Mr. Phule: Mr. Phule had two primary weapons. First, the paradox - any spoken paradox could have huge effects on the minds of its targets. His other weapon was the Pair 'o Docks - his Dockers, which he used to fight against enemies. He died when he attempted to use the mighty paradox against a group of flensers - although some were affected, others were not, and subsequently ripped him apart. (The CWAL Birthday Bash)

    Poeir: An ex-War2 mage who used to be cannon fodder because he always managed to set himself on fire. His clothes were highly flammable thanks to the fact that he always mistook Greek Fire for laundry detergent. Recently decided he doesn’t want to be cannon fodder anymore, but he still messed up his spells. “Oops...” (note: Poeir is now dead. He was killed by Jules in "Death Duel: Jules" on the CARV page.)

    Rask: The original CWAL Headquarters computer system. Always begrudging of work, and thought that humans should be serving her instead of vice versa. She was sabotaged by Akira and was completely obliterated during a Blizzard attack on CWAL Headquarters. (CWAL: Future's End)

    Smoke: One of the original CWALers. He was a ghost who was armed with a cannister rifle, and all sorts of different cannisters. He gave his life to save both CWAL and the future. He's not exactly dead, but his character is now unusable. (CWAL: Future's End)

    Tempus: Tempus possessed a magnetic field around him that could destroy anything electronical if he chose. He also had the ability to shoot lightning. He had a weakness toward water and wool sweaters, which overloaded him. He also had the ability to mysteriously disappear from cast lists. Bravely saved Dragoneyes from Infested Kazz. However, Kazz's explosion killed Tempus in the process. (The Chosen Ones)

    Veldon: Was killed by Sephroth in a fight to protect the dragons, much to the dismay of Akira. (Dragon Wars)


    Cydric: Traveling with Ravil in his pursuit of Kerrigan.

    Dark Chrono *P*: Dark Chrono (or Chronomodra) was a protoss scout pilot who was infected by a defiler, which caused his skin to turn black. He was cast out by his race, considered a freak. While in CWAL, he was killed, but came back to life by inhabiting a flenser. Then he was killed AGAIN, and came back to life AGAIN, this time as sort of a dark protoss/flenser hybrid. He completed work on a modified Protoss ship and left to search the universe for his lost sister.

    Dragoneyes *Fe* *?*: Half-woman, half-dragon, she took no crap from the CWALers who hit on her (just about every male human). Used firey breath, wings, and tail. She was also the adoptive mother of Shriek. Dragoneyes left during CWAL's Aeon of Strife. She iss currently in Nevada somewhere with Krath and Shriek, looking for a way to become fully draconian.

    Krath *E* *?*: A half-dragon suffering from amnesia, forced upon him by the CEO. Origanally a dragon that was transformed into a wolf by the CEO, he later seemed to be a mix between a wolf, dragon, and human, though his wolf traits came only in his instincts and mindset. Left with Dragoneyes and Shriek.

    Lunatic *E* *T*: Left during the Spring of 1999, current location unknown.

    Ravil *W* *Z*: Pursuing a vendetta against Kerrigan on Char.

    Shriek *E* *?*: Left with Dragoneyes and Krath.

    Zozo *W* *?*: Left to the Warcraft world from whence he came. *wipes away a tear* I loved that guy...

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