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Loose Ends by The V Man

[Scene: CWAL HQ - Roof, May 20 2007 - Midnight]

A lone figure stands by the edge of the roof, steaming cup of coffee in his hand. Staring across at the giant nean-blue sign, the very face of evil in the locale for nigh-on 10 years, a tired sigh escapes him.

"Can't sleep?"

The voice breaks the silence of the night. The V Man, turning his head slightly, smirks and nods slowly. Gunslinger had his own cup and padded to the edge of the building's weather worn roof.

"It's hard to sleep with the excitement down there.", V Man returned.

Nodding sagely, Gunslinger sipped at his coffee. "I'd guess after the last few years you would have been used to a little 'excitement', no?"

It was true. The last few months had, particularily, been eventful for V Man. His return from the wild and subsequence disappearance again - then suddenly rematerializing, and in common room with six other CWALers. To say he wasn't the most trusted member would have been an understatement you could fly a Battlecruiser through.

"Life has it's way of spinning you around. At least the Western district is getting put back together", V waved with his hand.

Gunslinger, tilting his mug again and looking towards the cranes, grunted his agreement. "About time too. Too bad MAGGOTT didn't act sooner though. He does like playing possum."

"I'd agree that he likes manipulating people, when he has the patience anyway" V Man smiled.

Falling back into silence the pair surveyed the skyline again. The people of Irvine had come out of dark times. Their city was starting to flourish again, streets paved and alleyways cleared of dark shadows. Times were changing, and it was for the better. A steady stream of highway traffic thrummed in and out of the city - endless red and white dots blinking in the perpetual twilight of metropolitan night. Breathing a deep sigh of relief, V Man smiled again. Everything was turning out, and it was looking just fine.

[Scene: Blizzard HQ - CEO's Office]

The heavily padded chair creaked and groaned as a stout man, short by most standards, looked back at CWAL HQ. Grimacing, he reached for a child's toy - and slinky.

"It seems there's some buz about our little announcement, isn't there?"

"Y-yes sir, there is" Ther reply was unexpected.

Raising an eyebrow, the CEO of Blizzard entertainment didn't bother to swivel his chair around to face his Head Programmer. "What is it now? Can't you see we're busy?"

Looking nervous and uncomfortable the thin man adjusted his white lab coat, "Well sir, it seems that the lights have come on across the way there. We should be ready for anything."

"Good god man, are you afraid of a few lights? Those lunatics won't do anything, they haven't bothered us in a long time. Sure they occasionally turn up on the lawn, but they're chased off easily enough."

"Actually we found them milling around the cardboard cut-out of our building next door a little while ago..", the Head Programmer cringed, expecting a stern reprimand.

"You mean the Field Office? We need to step up security at Blizzard Slightly-to-the-East. You'd think it was Blizzard North or something."

"Well, there was the incident earlier this evening. Our advertising campaign has taken a hit and several warehouses have extensive fire damage."

Leather creaked again as a small but powerfully built hand gripped the arm rest of the chair, "I see. Deal with the threat. Now, leave us in peace."

"Y-yes sir, right away."

The Head Programmer slinked out the room silently leaving the CEO of Blizzard Entertainment and his companion, Slinky, to their thoughts - however few they might have been.

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