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June 2007

Home » Archives » June 2007 » CWAL Story Digest (June 17th - 24th)

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06/25/2007: "CWAL Story Digest (June 17th - 24th)"

As the heat of the day wears on, the chaos in Irvine only grows higher. More and more CWALers are arriving and preparing to take part in the epic struggle that is Irvine’s way of life. As expected, this is causing all sorts of random deaths; something that PhasCo can always profit from.

With a large number of its members active, CWAL has finally been prompted to act. Yes, its finally time for a good, old fashion, raid on Blizzard. But the stakes are higher than just Starcraft II, and Phoebe is determined to keep Irvine safe.

CWAL is not the only organization with plans for Irvine. It seems a group of Witch Hunters from Great Britain have decided the chaos in Irvine can no longer be tolerated and a special agent has been dispatched to see to the problem. An old nemesis has return to play with the rippling fabric of reality. Regardless of either’s motives, their goals will certainly cause problems for CWAL.

Dark things roam the depths of Irvine’s sewers. And it seems that the problems of the deep may soon burst forth to add to the surface’s pandemonium. High above Earth, the battle between the US and Protoss rages on. Though Canada has finally joined the fight, it seems a new enemy may soon enter the fray.

And through all of these events, Blizzard’s employees remain as evil as ever.

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