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August 2007

Home » Archives » August 2007 » CWAL Story Digest (August 6th - 11th)

[Previous entry: "CWAL Story Digest (July 20th - August 6th)"]

08/13/2007: "CWAL Story Digest (August 6th - 11th)"

Who can tell what the future holds?

Only Kalledon, who has been to the apocolyptic Zerg-infested wasteland that Earth will become, but will he be able to stop it? Seeking aid from a mysterious and powerful entity known only as Janus, he seeks to brave the increasingly unstable portals to find him. Aid has appeared, however, from the unlikely source of the bodyguards of Kalledon's half-demonic and batwinged secretary, Isabelle - or more specifically from her bodyguard. It just comes to show that you never known when large, smelly and scaly comes in handy.

But the Zerg menace increases rapidly in size and scale, first converting an already unstable and psychotic Fearless through the power of lush, bouncing, large, and entirely delectable boobies: the new acting commander Sandra Grace having revealed herself as an infested agent of the Swarm. Under the threat of worldwide annhilation, what do the most powerful men in the world do? Well, play poker and hope for hookers, or at least until the leader of the Zerg reveals himself to them...

...Thas wha' I'm talkin' bout...
The Mighty Master Cydric is the newest Swarm god,
and your world brings my hate down like a fuckin' lightnin' rod.

You bitches come out swingin' but I ain't here to play,
Cuz the Zerg Swarm is comin' and they bringin' Doomsday,

To your world
Your punkass little world.

You say, "impressive", I already know it,
I'm a hardcore defiler and I'm comin' here to show it!

They empowered me, a Cerebrate, with alla these new digs.
Gonna do them right by killin' you like motherfuckin' pigs!

On your world
Your punkass little world.

Well! Being slaughtered en masse, eaten slowly and parasically impregnated for conversion into an loathesome alien swarm is one thing, but bad music requires extreme measures to counter, and the Canadians are up to the task as they reveal their final trump card. The most powerful spacecraft ever designed by Terran hands. A ship so powerful that even the plot gods fear at the mention of its name.

The CMS Borelias

And they'll need it now, as the American fleet under the command of the infested Sandra attempts to finish off the remenants of Earth's defenders.

Back down to Earth, a Mary Freerunner has come to discover the new world of D71. An organization decided to the understanding of the rising presence of magic and psionics in the universe, they've been keeping a few minor details from the population - such as the fact that the planet is currently under dire peril of destruction. Can't let the yokels panic about such niggling details. Phoebe Freerunner, meanwhile gets some desperately needed treatment from her psychological crisis, primarily involving calling her old nicknames and fistfights with undertones of lesbian sex. With such an appeal, it is of little surprise that another alien race has dispatched a scout cruiser to aid in the slavation of lesbians - I mean, the salvation of Earth. Sorry.

Somewhere in Simi Valley, conveniently ignorant of the coming destruction of Earth, the Phasco hitwoman Razael ponders on matters of destiny, even while a more recovered Phoebe and Dei try to defy the coming future that they had envisioned.

Returning back to 2006, we learn more about the fall of OEEP as DarkAngel tries to reassert her authority. However, her subordinates are less cooperative and for a moment, an open rebellion looks like it could break forth. However, once again, it seems that Blizzard may be involved. In that same timeline, Reecle and her friends attempt to respond to her rival Pearl's machinations, only to earn her a poisoned fingernail slash and a permanent scar. But its all good, since it involves gnocchis.


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